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Laser Vortex Gloves Laser DJ- Tunnel Effect

Product Description
Laser Vortex Gloves Laser DJ- Tunnel Effect
Use for stage and dancing
Output power of Green, Red,Blue and Purple:
GREEN:    532nm 50mW
RED:         650nm 100mW
BLUE:       405nm 100mW
PURPLE :  400-435nm   100mW
With rechargerable battery .
Work 1 hours for one time .  laser gloves: Gloves of our laser charger, rechargeable battery design in near a charging socket, as long as you can plug in charger, rechargeable battery laser gloves above the charge. The charge is very convenient! When charging, the charger show red. Full of electricity, the charger automatically stop charging and display lights.
Glove Size: both bands, size by adjusting the straps.
Note: Use it with smoke. Need to smoke, laser lighting effects to appear. 
Package :  Gloves and Adapter of EU ,AU,BS and US Standard.