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Laser Shades DJ Dancing Stage Show Light with 10 Pcs lasers

Product Description

Pls Notice:

1.These effect pictures have been taken under the smoke. Please use it in smoke environment, then you can see very clear laser lines. Do not take laser direct to eyes, so as not to cause harm.

2.Because of the laser work will generate a lot of heat, please pay attention to radiating when use it. For long-term use of laser products, please use 5-10 minutes and rest 10 minutes.

3.If you don't like this style or laser color, pls write me your idea or picture, we can custom make for you.


More details about laser glasses

 Type :               Laser glasses for stage show 

 Laser quantity : 10 pcs lasers 
 Laser color :      Green, red
 Gloves size :      Adult Standard
 Battery :            With rechargeable battery  
Package:  laser Shade , Adapter ,cloth and Box.

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