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H120cm high lounge bar table LED rechargeable

Product Description
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H120cm high lounge bar table LED rechargeable


Let you try new furniture design LED. 

LED luminous BAR can be used for indoor/outdoor , because it is  waterproof.

She became the indirect lighting your, ambient lighting......

Necessary to decorate your living room, bedroom, balcony garden, swimming pool, etc..

The remote controller has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, a simple click will allow you to change your mood.

Low power design elegant LED, the object is the ecological and economic benefits.

The 16 color is available with several fixed mode: random, melting, transition, scintillation......

Luminous  BAR can be inserted into the 220V socket or autonomous cell.

Once loaded with 6 to 8 hours of autonomy.


Technical characteristics:

Size: Diameter 58 x Height  120 cm

Material: plastic (rotational molding as a whole)

Weight: 14 kgs.

Color: 16 colors.

Remote controller: melting, flicker, fast, slow, more color, single color, on / off......

Power supply: 110/220V charger (seal).

Charging time: 7-8 hours.

This, FCC, IP65 standard:

Autonomy: 9-10 hours (a charge).



1 x LED BAR TABLE (Not lnclude of the glass top).

1 x charger 110 / 220V.

1 * multi-functional remote controller.