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DIY Programmable Bicycle LED Wheel Light

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DIY Programmable Bicycle LED Wheel Light

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Let's organize a comfortable Party!  After the sun goes down, the night falls –the Slong  Light furniture will turn your evening bike ride into an instant party. The Wheel light system create thousands of amazing patterns in your spinning bicycle wheel. With cutting edge digital light art, the wheel light is sure to get you noticed at night.


  1. Perfect & patents industrial design

  2. Best bike wheel display system so far

  3. Streamlined transparent shell without additional resistance

  4. Perfect symmetry FOUR arm LED lamps design

  5. 7 Shade design, flexible for all kind of wheels

  6. Clever telescopic structure, perfect fit all kinds of hub

  7. Gravity focus on the hub to ensure riding safety

High Tech:

  1. More stable & smooth image with build-in gyroscope

  2. High-performance ARM processor to ensure 16 million kinds of color display

  3. Highlight full-color LED, double-sided wide-angle display

  4. Three 18650 lithium battery set with Micro USB 5v charging(Supported Saperated Charged)

Powerful DIY:

  1. Powerul with graffiti, images, flash, videos & flowing words DIY display

  2. Supported with JPG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, QT, FLV & ect multi media format

  3. Software flexible with WINDOWS XP/VISTA/7/8/10 systems

  4. Micro SD Memory card for medias storage


SL-FH801/FH801 PRO Bicycle LED Wheel Light




Best Display Speed

Above 8KM/H

Above 8KM/H

LED Quantity

256pcs 5050SMD LEDs

416pcs 5050SMD LEDs

LED Lifespan

30000 Hours

30000 Hours


75*75 pixle

124*124 pixle


2000 CD/M2

2500 CD/M2

Display Size

495mm diemeter

495mm diemeter

Display Colors

more than 16 million

more than 16 million


500*500*36 mm

500*500*36 mm





3600mAh( Liuthium Batteries)

3600mAh( Liuthium Batteries)

Display Time

8 Hours

6 Hours

Charger Port

Micro USB 5V

Micro USB 5V

Mobile Power Supply






Note: For 26 inch or above wheels with 50 mm aluminium rim or smaller bicycle only

Photos Reviews

diy programmable bicycle led wheel light face

diy programmable bicycle led wheel light spider

diy programmable bicycle led wheel light face design

diy programmable bicycle led wheel light face flexible

diy programmable bicycle led wheel light spider waterproof

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